• Simple-STRAT

    Configure, backtest, alert, automate.


The STRAT, developed by Rob Smith, is quite possibly the most poetic trading methodology in the markets today.  Its simplistic approach and Universal Truths make it easily understood and extremely effective.

STRAT principals focus on timeframe continuity, candlestick reversal combinations, and broadening formations.


The Challenge

If you're anything like me, you pretty much get the STRAT principals. The challenge is analyzing them on multiple timeframes at the same time and feeling confident about your analysis at that split second you put the trade on.  And then, of course, there's that whole issue of staying in the trade or sticking to your stop.  When you throw emotion, pressure, and FOMO into that mix, we've got some interesting dynamics to deal with.

I needed a way to analyze all the required STRAT principals on different timeframes at the same time while also giving me a very low timeframe entry to minimize my exposure if I was wrong.  This is why I created the Simple-STRAT bot.


The Solution

Simple-STRAT is a Tradingview strategy which allows you to configure STRAT principals on multiple timeframes, analyzes your configurations, and provide you with historical data on how your configurations performed over time helping you get on the right side of probability.  Make a change and instantly see how it would have effected the backtest results.  If you like your configuration, lock in alerts or set Simple-STRAT to auto-trade for you.  No more second guessing.  No more emotion.  No more FOMO.

Configuration Features
Higher Timeframe STRAT Combos 
Higher Timeframe Continuity and 'In-Force' Requirements
Surgical Lower Timeframe Entries based on  the Higher Timeframe Trigger
Backtest Summary
SPY Continuity and Requirements
Adjustable Stop and Take Profit Levels

​​Subscription Offerings

*  Your broker does NOT need to be list on Tradingview for Simple-STRAT to automate your trades.  * 

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